Many of the recycling collections listed here are not in use at the moment. If possible, keep hold of items for disposal until normal collections can resume.

Recycling is a last choice option for things that can’t be reused. It can save energy and resources, and reduces the need for landfill. Recycling collections also provide a safer disposal route for items such as batteries that contain toxic materials.

Domestic recycling

East Herts council have kerbside collections for recycling from domestic properties:

  • Paper, in the paper box inside the blue-lidded bin
  • Glass, some plastics, metal tins and cans, inside the blue-lidded bins
  • Green waste, in the brown bins

More details of exactly what can be included are available in the Guide to Bins, Boxes & Collections .

The household waste recycling centre in Woodside Industrial Estate can take garden waste, wood, scrap metals, textiles, engine oil, batteries, flourescent light bulbs (including the low energy compact flourescent bulbs), CDs and DVDs, as well as recycling that would normally go in the kerbside waste bins.

Recycling collection points

Collections for small batteries. Ask at the customer service desk if the collecting bin isn’t easily found.

  • Bishop’s Stortford: Aldi, B&M, Coopers, Ecco, Homebase, Marks & Spencer, Sainsburys, Spar, Tesco, Tesco Express, Waitrose, Wilko
  • Sawbridgeworth: Budgens
  • Household waste recycling centre

Books, CDs, DVDs

Brita water filter cartidges
Collected at Coopers and at Sainsburys stores in Thorley and Jackson Square. Alternatively you could avoid using them altogether. Kettles can be descaled with citric acid powder, available from Wilko.

Please check the links for full details of the items that can be taken. These schemes are managed by volunteers and it’s difficult to deal with sorting out anything that isn’t accepted.

Clothes and shoes

H&M in Jackson Square accept clothing for selling on through the secondhand market, reuse as textiles, or recycling as fibres. They have a voucher scheme giving £5 to use towards your next purchase of £25 or more.

Contact lenses and blister packsAcuvue Contact Lens Recycling Programme

  • Boots opticians, South Street, Bishop’s Stortford
  • Ashwell & Barrie, North Street, Bishop’s Stortford

Cosmetics and skin carePersonal Care Recycling Programme
Collection box at Birchanger Primary School

Crisp packetsKP Snacks Recycling Programme
This is just for crisp, pretzel, peanut and popcorn packets. No other items can be included, even if they are made of the same stuff, because the crisp companies won’t pay to recycle other product packaging. It really helps if the packets are flattened.

Scrap metal is collected at the household waste recycling centre.

If you have more valuable metals, for example copper pipes or brass taps, you may get some money by taking them for recycling to Raybould Metals in Twyford Road. They will require documents to show your identity.

Newspapers and magazines
For white paper / envelopes, newspapers, magazines, shredded paper, junk mail, catalogues, white phone books and leaflets.

Polythene bags
Collected in Waitrose, Sainsburys in Thorley and at Jackson Square, and Tesco in Bishop’s Park. Aldi will accept their own polythene bags returned for recycling.

Pringles tubesPringles Can Recycling Programme

Printer ink cartridges

  • Sainsburys in Thorley
  • Sainsburys in Jackson Square provide Freepost envelopes to return cartridges for recycling. Ask at customer service or look by the ink cartridge shelves.

Respiratory inhalers
As part of the GSK Complete the Cycle scheme, inhalers are collected for recycling at Boots, Potter Street, and Tesco pharmacy in Bishop’s Park.

Sweets and confectionery wrappersConfectionery Recycling Programme
Collection box at Birchanger Primary School

Toothpaste tubesColgate Oral Care Recycling Rrogramme

Things change: please let us know if any of this information could be improved or extended. Contact us