By donating or buying items for reuse, you:

  • stop them going to landfill
  • save the energy needed to recycle them
  • reduce the natural resources used to create new products.


There is an active Freecycle group in Bishop’s Stortford. This is an online group where you can post ask for items that you need or offer things that you are happy to donate. Membership is free, and everything posted must be free, legal and appropriate for all ages

Charity shops

Bishop’s Stortford has plenty of charity shops that will take clothing, books, DVDs and smaller household items. Ecco take items and furniture and also support the management of Parndon Wood Local Nature Reserve in Harlow.

Recycling centres

The household waste recycling centre in Woodside Industrial Estate can take garden waste, wood, scrap metals, textiles, engine oil, batteries, flourescent light bulbs (including the low energy compact flourescents), CDs and DVDs, as well as recycling that would normally go in the kerbside waste bins.

The Bishops Stortford recycling centre also has a reuse centre where you can donate or buy larger items such as furniture.

If you have more valuable metals, for example copper pipes or brass taps, you may get some money by taking them for recycling to Raybould Metals in Twyford Road. Take documents to show your identity.

Domestic recycling

East Herts council have kerbside collections for recycling from domestic properties:

  • Paper, in the paper box inside the blue-lidded bin
  • Glass, some plastics, metal tins and cans, inside the blue-lidded bins
  • Green waste, in the brown bins

Details of exactly what can be included are available in the Guide to Bins, Boxes & Collections .