Climate Cafe

The Bishops Stortford Climate Cafe is on hold at present. However, there is one in Hertford which is meeting regularly. The Hertford Cafe meets on the 1st Thursday of the month. You are very welcome to join. We are checking contact details for this and will update the website once these have been confirmed.

The address is 
Friends Meeting House
50 Railway Street
SG14 1EH

You can find it on Google Maps. It’s about 5 minutes walk from Hertford East Station. 

Please contact Katey with any questions on

What is a Climate Cafe? 

Many people feel deeply concerned about the climate and ecological crisis which is becoming ever more evident with increasing temperatures, floods and droughts around the world. But there are few places where the many feelings and anxieties about this can be freely shared. A climate cafe offers a space where people can feel free to explore and connect on this most urgent of issues. The group follows a particular format, starting with a informal chat over tea and coffee, followed by the discussion group. It is run led by experienced facilitators.

What is it not? 

A climate cafe is not a campaigning group, or a place to discuss policies or what needs to be done about the crisis. Participants may be inspired to take action as a result of attending, but this is not the primary aim of the group. 

How often will it meet? 

The group will gather once a month on the second Thursday at 7pm. Participants are not expected to attend every meeting. Numbers are limited so that the group remains at a size where everyone can take an active part. 

You are welcome. If you would like to come, please let one of the facilitators know you are intending to come: contact Joe on He will send you the venue details. If you have any questions please also send them to this address. 

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