Local elections 2021

Statements on climate change from the candidates for local elections

Thursday 6th May 2021 is local election day for:

  • Hertfordshire County Council candidates
  • East Herts District Council, All Saints ward candidates
  • Bishop’s Stortford Town Council, All Saints ward candidates

We asked the candidates for their their views on climate change.

The candidates listed below have sent us detailed responses to our questions and we would like to thank them for their time. If we receive further replies from other candidates we will add these here too.


Councillor Alastair Ward-Booth has replied on behalf of the three Conservative candidates standing for election to Hertfordshire County Council in the Bishop’s Stortford divisions.

Conservative party answers

  • John Wyllie, Bishop’s Stortford East
  • Graham McAndrew, Bishop’s Stortford Rural
  • Alistair Ward-Booth, Bishop’s Stortford West
  • Eric Buckmaster, Sawbridgeworth


Councillor Ben Crystall, who is standing for the Hertford All Saints division, has replied on behalf of the East Herts Green Party candidates.

Green Party answers

  • Graeme Hill, Bishop’s Stortford East
  • David Oxley, Bishop’s Stortford Rural
  • Madela Baddock, Bishop’s Stortford West


Thomas Diamond has replied for the Labour party.

Labour Party answers

  • Oya Er Wilkes, Bishop’s Stortford East
  • Milly Lynch, Bishop’s Stortford Rural
  • Thomas Diamond, Bishop’s Stortford West
  • Dawn Newell, Sawbridgeworth

Liberal Democrats

Councillor Richard Townsend and Calvin Horner have has replied on behalf of the Liberal Democrats.

Liberal Democrat party answers from Councillor Richard Townsend
Councillor Townsend is also standing for East Herts District Council in the Bishop`s Stortford All Saints Ward.

Liberal Democrat party answers from Calvin Horner
Calvin Horner is also standing for Bishop’s Stortford Town Council in the All Saints ward.

  • Calvin Horner, Bishop’s Stortford East
  • Bob Taylor, Bishop’s Stortford Rural
  • Richard Townsend, Bishop’s Stortford West
  • Joseph Dumont, Sawbridgeworth