Electric vehicles

Electric cars produce less CO2 emissions than conventional cars with petrol or diesel engines


Cycling has a much lower impact on the environment than driving. Even taking into account the embodied energy used to make the bike and the extra food needed by the cyclist, the carbon emissions are much lower than for cars. The European Cycling Federation estimate just 21 g CO2 per km. Cycling also has health benefits and avoids the air pollution, noise pollution and traffic congestion caused by driving.

For those with a bike that that needs fixing, there is a servicing and repair service offered in Bishop’s Stortford by Cycle Positive.

The cycle parking facilities at Bishop’s Stortford station have recently been upgraded and there is now space for 240 bikes, and a has controlled access and a canopy for weather protection.

A study of ways to improve walking and cycling in Bishops Stortford was carried out by Sustrans in 2017.

A working group to prioritise needs and progress implementation meets regularly. Anyone interested please contact

Electric bicycles

A member of the Bishops Stortford Climate Group gives a personal account of experiences with an electric bike:

The age of electricity has arrived

“Cycling in places like Holland is ok where it a flat, they are supplied with proper cycle routes which helps of course, but here in Bishops Stortford? Only for the super fit surely, well no not anymore, I have always had a mountain bike and travelled all the local bridleways and byways, but due to illness I was being restricted to one hill then was exhausted so ten minutes all over, not anymore, I have joined the modern world and gone electric, carbon free electric at that, I am supplied by Ecotricity one of the renewable suppliers as everyone should be who has any interest in our planet, I also have 4 kWp of photovoltaics on the roof again as everyone should.

My new electric bike has opened up miles and miles of paths and bridleways, I can go up to 60 miles on one charge so far more than I ever expect to do in an afternoon. Not only that if I want to go into Stortford I can get there just about as quick on my bike across the fields as I can get parked there in my vehicle, with as much effort involved as I want to expend.

This new bike was pricey at £2000 there are cheaper ones, but has far exceeded my expectations. It can be ridden in the turned off mode but is a bit heavy for doing that for long. The lowest setting is Eco which just gives some help, the next setting is Tour which is one which needs some effort, but does help. The next setting gives more help and acceleration and the final one Turbo does it all for you up hill and down dale for mile after mile, all settings require the pedals to be turning, a legal requirement they would be motorbikes if not. So the older and less able I become there is a setting to suit, they can be switched at will, there are gears too. I have found that on some rough bridleways where the horses have poached up the path using Turbo is too fast so use in top gear so a lower gear is useful to slow down and still get full help. I have also been able to power out of mud  which I would have been stuck in on my old bike.

Conclusion.. every one should have one, we need far better infrastructure of course, dedicated cycle paths and parking in town, hopefully this will be coming soon.”