Get involved

Join our meetings

We have meetings each month and all are welcome to attend.

Respond to planning applications

As a group, we have submitted objections to a number of planning applications for new developments that do not reach net zero carbon. Your individual responses to planning applications help as well.

Addressing climate change

We also need to consider: provides daily sustainability news and has a climate change section

Buy with care

Plastic-free Bishop’s Stortford have advice on avoiding plastics.

In Jan 2016, IKEA’s head of sustainability said:

“If we look on a global basis, in the west we have probably hit peak stuff. We talk about peak oil. I’d say we’ve hit peak red meat, peak sugar, peak stuff … peak home furnishings

Circular Cambridge explores “living well with less stuff”. This is the circular economy, all the way from how we design and manufacture our goods, through how we can keep them in use longer, to how our goods can be recycled or the resources reused at the ends of their lives. It showcases all the positive things already happening in Cambridge in recycling, reuse, sharing, repair and eco-design and manufacture.