Our next meeting is at 8 pm on Tuesday 1st February. Venue to be confirmed.

Our Vegan Food Map project has launched in January for ‘Veganuary’.

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Our Community Climate Gathering on 6th and 7th November 2021 was hugely successful. Thank-you to all who attended and contributed. More than 80 people joined to answer the question: what can we do to fight climate change and to improve our environment? communityclimategathering.org

People raised a broad range of themes: energy, biodiversity, the circular economy, plastics, working with businesses, growing food, cycling and public transport, engaging young people, funding and influencing local and national government.

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Following the Community Climate Gathering we will focus on these new projects :

Cycling networkWaste managementVegan Food Map
Solar PV at homeAnti-idling campaignDirectory of Eco-Groups
Grow Green SpacesComposting food wasteNetwork of Eco-Clubs

Reduce waste and save resources. See our local recycling guide

Latest news

Yes!On #COP26 #TransportDay a reminder:“There is no conceivable way governments can reduce emissions quickly enough to avoid the worst of the climate crisis without significantly more cycling. It is the best way to cut transport emissions on a large scale."dutchcycling.nl/en/news/news/901-dce-signs-open-letter-to-cop26 See MoreSee Less
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Speaks for itself. We need more cycle routes!Did you know, ¾ of us would cycle more if it was safer, easier and more enjoyable? 🚲Not only is cycling good for the environment, but it’s also great for your mental and physical health, so it’s a win-win. 🌍💚We’re calling for local leaders to make cycling routes safer and more enjoyable, so active and sustainable transport can become the norm for everyday journeys.Catch us next week at #COP26 with the Sustainable Transport Alliance to find out how local initiatives can help us to achieve sustainable transport goals. 👉 www.sustrans.org.uk/our-blog/news/2021/october/sustrans-at-cop-26/ See MoreSee Less
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Did global fossil fuel related CO2 emissions peak in 2019? Great if so, though sadly until we turn the tap off completely and get emissions down to zero, the atmospheric bathtub will keep filling. See MoreSee Less
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